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“I.G.L.O.M. Italia S.p.A.” (which stands for Industry, Grease, Lubricating, , Mineral Oils) is a private company that has been trading since 1978 in the mixing, filling, production and storage of lubrication mineral oils and grease for third parties.
Right from the start, the founder has always believed in the continuous improvement of the service the company provides, investing innumerable resources in implementing and modernizing its plant, so much so that it can now be considered as being the leading private company in the Italian market for third party lubrication.
The flexibility of its plant and its extremely high production and filling capacity permit Iglom to mix an extremely wide range of products, at the same time as satisfying the widest possible range of customer needs.

Iglom is involved in the following activities:
Logistics services

With its 20,000 square metres of space, of which 8,000 are indoors, it has a bulk storage capacity of 3,680 cubic metres (for a total of 51 storage tanks) and two automatic warehouses for packaged products with a total capacity of 6,635 cubic metres. The high loading capacity means that up to 8 containers and 15 ATBs can be loaded per day, giving Iglom the capability of managing the timing and urgencies of its customers in the best possible way.

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